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    BEFORE CRISIS -FINAL FANTASY VII- is a mobile phone
    game that was first released on September 24, 2004
    for FOMA 900i phones on the DoCoMo network.
    New episodes were thereafter released on a monthly
    basis, ending with episode 24 on March 31, 2006.
    WEAPON mode was added soon afterwards and the game
    was later expanded with Episode: Legend and
    Episode: Reno, along with three new playable Turks:
    Legend, Knife and Nunchaku.

    BEFORE CRISIS -FINAL FANTASY VII- is a downloadable
    network game exclusive to a select few Japanese mobile
    phones and carriers, and the first original game
    SQUARE ENIX developed for mobile phones.
    Even if you are required to download some of the game
    data of the game to your phone, you cannot actually
    play it unless you are connected to the network and
    subscribe to one of the following carriers:

    NTT docomo FOMA (Freedom of Mobile Multimedia Access)
    FOMA900i and later models.

    Yahoo! Keitai SoftBank
    3G phones.

    au EZweb
    WIN BREW(R)-devices.

    A large part of the game is stored on the network
    servers and only temporary downloaded when playing.

    - Wish List -

    I lack videos of the following parts:

    - Episode: Legend
    - Episode: Reno
    - WEAPON Mode
    - Rescue Mode
    - Extras, like Gold Saucer, Training and Free Mode

    I would, of course, give out a reward (pay) for videos
    featuring the parts of Before Crisis mentioned above.

Sincerely, Grimoire Valentine

Schematic: Receiving assignments via cell phone = Turks

    "I've been speaking with a mobile division representative for
    some time about what's possible in terms of online games for
    cell phones. I wanted to offer something where the only way
    you were able to advance to the next level was by clearing a
    mission. Somehow it really made sense that the Turks would
    be receiving missions that way. So I made a proposal. I really
    didn't expect it to all come together in such a way, I was
    pleasantly surprised."

Turks: Shinra Electric Power Company: General Affairs Investigation Department

[ ν ] - εγλ 0007/10/5 Avalanche leader assasinated!
The hidden truth behind the 6-year battle between Shinra and Avalanche.

    [ ν ] - εγλ 0001/02/30
    "Every Turk's first job is patrolling 8th Avenue,
    that's our tradition"

    That day, a new member of the
    Turks was given his first assignment
    - a simple patrol of 8th Avenue.
    Midgar was a lively town thanks to
    mako energy. In a town as peaceful
    as Midgar, that first job should have
    been a simple rite of passage, without
    any problems.

These are the main player characters:

Alvis Crisis

Each one of them specializes in a different
weapon, such as rod, gun, or throwing
stars, and the characters each come from
different backgrounds, including a former
bodyguard of Don Corneo, a former gang
member, and a brilliant female military
school graduate.

Verdot Tseng Reno Rude

Verdot, though he does not
reappear again in any other story
[with the exception of On the Way to
a Smile - Episode: Shinra], was the
leader of the Turks six years ago.
[Six years before FINAL FANTASY VII.]


[ ν ] - εγλ 0002/1/14
"Any of the planet's Lifestream taken by Shinra
shall be compensated by Shinra themselves"

Though unsuccessful, the ani-Shinra
group Avalanche made an attempt to
destroy the mako furnance some time ago.
This event inspired many acts of protest
against Shinra to spead throughout the
region. On the other hand, Avalanche
now has control of a very special power,
and, power-drunk, it slowly begins its
decline into insanity.

Elfe Sears Fuhito

Avalanche is a large organization lead by
the ever-powerful Elfe. Sears leads the
battle division, and Fuhito is the military
mastermind. Besides these three men, Avalanche
had another powerful ally cooperating
behind the scenes.

Those drawn into the struggle

[ ν ] - εγλ 0001/6/28
"This is the way of the Turks.
This is the way Cloud taught us."

As Avalanche becomes more and
more aggressive, Shinra dispatches
the Turks and SOLDIERs as a
self-defense measure. Now, the
Turks have been sent on a mission
for the Investigative Department,
meeting a variety of people every
where they go. Among their new
acquaintances is a man who would
later play a big part in the incident
resulting from Sephiroth's reunion.
Until now the Turks have only had
one concern - the mission - but these
meetings have cast a shadow of
doubt over them. Now the question
is, what does it mean to be a Turk?

Cait Sith

Whether it's a checkered destiny or a
special power the Turks have inherited, many
characters from FFVII appear in this game.
The Turks have always been faithful to their
mission, without question. However, the battle
against Avalanche results in an unexpected
encounter. Those chance meetings are often
revealing, causing the Turks to question their
status quo.

Shinra Electric Power Company

[ ν ] - εγλ 0007/2/10
"Use all means available.
Massacre all Turks."

The conflict between Avalanche and the
Shinra Electric Power Company escalates.
As Avalanche leader Elfe's secret, Verdot's
past, and other events unfold, many truths
are revealed. Finally Avalanche's plan is
carried out, while President Shinra becomes
distrustful of the Turks, who seem to be acting
according to their own agenda. President
Shinra decides to massacre them all!

Rufus Shinra
President Shinra
Reeve Tuesti

Though they never intended to turn against
their own company, the Turks begin to realize
that they have drifted from the company's
mission. They need to make a decision, fast.

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